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Lighting Series

Modern, sleek designs for urban environments. With a choice of LED and Lamp systems our high-performance fittings make an impact to a variety of outdoor spaces, including retail, pedestrian and cycle routes.


Flexible, eco-friendly and high-performance.


KALOS is a fixture for the lighting of urban and residential areas...


The PHOS range is aesthetically pleasing...

Solar Panels

We are working with our partners to provide high-yield power generating solar panels for a variety of applications.

Wind Turbines

Highway Components work with their partners to provide wind-power generation systems from small domestic to large offshore 'farms'.

Solar Columns

Power harvesting for solar panels can be maximised using column systems which ensure solar capture throughout the day. Our columns allow unrestricted access between sun and panel for increased efficiency and convenience.

Energy Structures

Highway Components design and supply structures for enhancing solar and wind energy harvesting technology.

Our vast experience in structural engineering means we can offer cost-effective solutions to your energy needs.


40 years of service to the lighting and structural sector makes us a trustworthy source for your project.


We offer Technical data and Drawings of all our products for you to download.

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Lighting Products

Take a look at our extensive range of lighting products, used as part of your Highway Components solution.

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