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Highway Components Limited is a UK-based innovative company with over 40 years' experience in the engineering sector. We are dedicated to providing our clients with: Street Lighting, Structures for the Oil and Gas Industry, Rail and Freight Infrastructure, Transmission Poles, Renewables, and Consultancy on all sectors.

Our expertise and quality craftmanship ensures we provide excellent standard and bespoke products from initial design and calculations to final production and handover. Attention to detail, communication and industry knowledge define Highway Components. As your preferred supplier we offer unprecedented levels of service and continued support.

Highway Components Limited work with some of the most innovative product and service partners from around the world to offer a facility which cannot be matched by its competition. Our flexibility and focus ensures we are able to keep our promises and exceed expectations.


Founded in 1971 Metalogalva - Brothers Silvas, SA is the oldest company of the Group Metalcon. This company has three manufacturing units occupying a total area of 44000m2, with a total gross floor area of 160,000m2 having to service more than 400 employees. Metalogalva develops its activity in the design and manufacture of metal structures, and have the ability to perform testing on prototypes, to the assembly level and/or structural strength.

The developed products find application in various fields of activity, namely, power, telecommunications, roads and railways, and is usually subjected to a corrosion protection of hot-dip galvanizing, with the possibility of complementary painting (duplex system). As a complement to its product offerings, the company provides a range of services to its customers, namely, sheet metal cutting, bending, welding and hot dip galvanizing.

Cariboni Group

Cariboni group, born in 1908, is a leader in public illumination and functional urban design fields, it comprises of both Cariboni Lite & Fivep.

The presence of Cariboni Group on illumination markets enabled the society to develop competence and know-how, which brought the firm to the forefront, concerning the production of ad-hoc illuminating solutions.

The wide range of products specially designed for residential, architectural or functional lighting, offers a large choice to any professional designer who uses artificial light to give life and a special shape to any space, doing all this whilst complying with actual norms in this industry.


40 years of service to the lighting and structural sector makes us a trustworthy source for your project.


We offer Technical data and Drawings of all our products for you to download.

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