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Contemporary Lighting

Modern, sleek designs for urban environments. With a choice of LED and Lamp systems our high-performance fittings make an impact to a variety of outdoor spaces, including retail, pedestrian and cycle routes.


Flexible, eco-friendly and high-performance.


The PHOS range is aesthetically pleasing whether on or off...


KALOS is a fixture for the lighting of urban and residential areas...


Ypsilon is the new system for public and urban lighting.


Contemporary lighting fittings with linear and elegant shapes...

Classic Lighting

A family of fittings which are not only beautiful and carry traditional design elements, but are built to last from the highest quality materials. This range merges ornate bracket systems with cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with eye-catching design without compromising the efficiency of their lighting solution.


Classic is a cosmetically traditional fitting, with up-to-date technology...


Ypsilon is the new system for public and urban lighting.

Industrial Lighting

Lighting designed to provide consistent, energy efficient, uniformity levels to render safe working environments and clear visibility. The range is designed to be rugged and long-lasting to reduce maintenance and unexpected costs associated with traditional fittings in these industrial settings.


LED street design guaranteeing excellent lighting and performance.

RA 2000

An ideal floodlight for the lighting of sport facilities and wide areas.


A functional product with a technological heart...


Professional LED-floodlight, suitable for wall and ceiling installation...


40 years of service to the lighting and structural sector makes us a trustworthy source for your project.


We offer Technical data and Drawings of all our products for you to download.

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